Man, Mom’s kinda crazy.

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one tree hill meme: 7 otps [7/7]

1. Nathan & Haley

You know, my father said that today would be the greatest day of my life. And you’re right, dad. It is. But it’s not because of basketball. You see, today I learned that my wife, Haley, is pregnant. And while it’s an absolute honor to be recruited by Duke University, I guess what I have to say to you today is this. Where I play basketball - if I play basketball - is no longer a decision for me to make alone. It’s a decision that I’ll make with my wife and my family’s best interests at heart. And when I do, I’ll let you all know. And my wife couldn’t be here today, so I just wanted to say one thing to her. Haley, no matter what happens, we’ll face it together. But I promise you, I’ve never been happier. Everything’s gonna be okay. I love you.”

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3x01 “Like You Like an Arsonist”

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30 Day TV Show Challenge

Day 4 // Your favorite show ever (2/5): One Tree Hill

“There’s only one Tree Hill, and it’s your home.”

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If you’re fat, dumb, sexual and a guy, you’re ok. If you’re a girl?. Not so much. [insp]

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oth meme » [2/5] quotes

"Always and forever"

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brooke davis appreciation week »
day six: favorite otp

Julian, before I met you my world revolved around one thing: me. And I liked it that way, on my own, but then I met you and you saw through the facade. You saw me. You’ve taught me to trust, how to let someone in, and what it truly means to fall in l o v e.

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Anonymous said:
You have great taste in TV shows! :)

thank you! 

And if you’re lucky, I mean if you’re the luckiest person on this entire planet, the person you love decides to love you back.

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