’Love is not love which alters when it alteration finds.’ When life gets hard, when things change, true love remains the same. I look at Nathan and Haley and some how I feel safer. I don’t know if I can explain that, but they give me hope. And, I’m afraid say it out loud because maybe if life finds out it’ll try to beat it out of them and that will be a shame. Because, we all can use a little hope sometimes, you know. That feeling that everything’s going to be okay and that there’s going to be someone there to help make sure of that.

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"You know I’ve got this theory, there are two kinds of people in the world. There are lyric people and music people. You know, the lyrics people tend to be analytical. You know, all about the meaning of the song. They’re the ones you see with the CD insert out like 5 minutes after buying it, pouring over the lyrics, interpreting the hell out of everything. Um, then there’s the music people, like Brooke. Who could care less for the lyrics as long as its just got like a good beat and you could dance to it. I don’t know, sometimes it might be easier to be a music girl and not a lyric girl. But since I’m not, let me just say this. Sometimes things find you when you need them to find you, I believe that."

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— Anonymous: Ah i see! I'm on 7x07 now and i CANT BELIEVE PEYTON HAS GONE😭 she was my favourite!!

i know, in my opinion the first six seasons are the best but there are some good storylines after! she was my favourite too :(

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i will always be there for you. i will always protect you.

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— Anonymous: How many times have you re-watched one tree hill??

the whole through from start to finish? probably about two or three times? i prefer to rewatch seasons at a time and then maybe pick another season or choose a random episode even because there’s some seasons/episodes i like more than others plus rewatching 9 seasons worth of a show i don’t really have time for unfortunately! 

make me choose anonymous asked Naley or Brulian or Brucas
theresaperson made me choose between Naley or Leyton

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favorite character meme: [6/7] scenes

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"I don’t like Peyton because she left and didn’t come back for Brooke’s wedding" last time I checked characters don’t actually make decisions for themselves that’s kind of what the writers do

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